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Compare Transport LLC is dedicated and Virtual Dedicated in Oversize Overweight Permits Illinois, when you actually needed at the Drop time in any sector in the Transportation.

Oversize Overweight Permits Regulations & Information

Oversize Overweight Permits Regulations & Information for United States of Amercia. Usually the Oversize Permits are valid Upto 5 Working Days for States such as Arizona, California, Delaware, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Washington etc.

Your staff courtesy can help with your oversize, overweight, fuel tax permits / IFTA temporary and temporary registration permission / IRP travel permits. If you draw a larger load, heavy load, the load along, loading overweight or traveling across state lines without authority or intergovernmental IFTA decals, we are happy that we chose for your truck permits. Thank you for your confidence in us.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology, so you can better serve you. The status information at hand; your information for trucks and permissions is stored in order to facilitate the appointment for the next time. A lot of experience - we have helped that happy customers will receive more than 1,000,000 licenses from coast to coast past 20 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the best service in the industry and to allow for the treatment of every permission as if it were the only one allowed. We know that completely satisfied customers are the foundation of every successful company.

Permit Service Quality

We get to know our customers and are proud of our excellent quality of service. We make sure that each and every permit is right and comes back as quickly as possible. Our advanced technology also allows us to make it as easy as possible to make orders from previous orders, trucks, trailers and other information you want to refer to the next time. We enjoy doing what we do best permission!

Oversize Permit Staff

✓Knowledgeable, helpful agents allowed obliged to serve you
✓Fast approvals, accurate and reliable
✓Routing Information & Tips
✓Fast service for all your Hauling Permits

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Oversize Permit Service

Compare Transport LLC, based in Glen Ellyn, IL suburb of Greater Chicago Area. Specialize in hauling oversize & overweight heavy loads within continental United States & Canada. Trucking, Brokerage, Permit Agency, Pilot/Escort, Compare Taxi, Compare Limousine is a subsidiary of Compare Transport LLC. Our Taxi & Limousine division serves suburban Chicago, Milwaukee & parts of Indiana, which are closed to city of Chicago, IL, Compare Taxi/Compare Limousine have their own vehicles & also providing dispatch to independent owner-operators who have their own vehicles and insurance policies.


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