Florida Oversize Overweight Permits Online

Florida Overisze Permits Usually are valid upto five days.

Running Time for Florida Over Size Permits half hour before sunrise until half an hour after the sun going down of the sun, between Saturday and Sunday, if the load is 10 feet wide and under the legal length and height of the trailer not exceeding 14.6. More than 10 feet wide, but not more than 14 'wide and no more than 16 feet tall can travel before 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Excess weight generally only works 24/7.

Tour limited: No movement allowed 07 a.m.-09 a.m. and 16:00 to 18:00 in the counties of Dade and Hillsboro. Other Curfews County, depending on the size allowed, included in the license of Florida. The trip is banned for six major holidays on the day of Martin Luther King for loads over 10 feet in width, height and length of 14.6 Fresh: The days before and after the day of Cap d ' year of Thanksgiving and Christmas Action also they can be restricted.

TURNPIKE: Florida Turnpike limit is 12 'wide, 13'6 high. FL Turnpike paths are applied with the application of the state. More toll is about 25 cents per mile for 7 axes, 20 cents per mile for 5.

Oversize Legal Dimensions


  • 48′ trailer (53′ semi-trailer must have kingpin setting of 41′ from center of kingpin to center of rear axle to be legal)
  • 75′ overall length

Width Info: 8’6″ (8′ on some non-designated)

Height Info: 13′ 6″ (13′ non-designated).

Overhang: 3′ front or rear.

Weight: 80,000 Gross

  • Single – 22,000
  • Tandem – 44,000
  • Tridem – 66,000

Limits Specified In the Routine Permits

Length Info: 150′

Overhang Info: No set maximum.

Width Info: 16′

Height: 16′ *

* Poll Way (written) is required for the amount over 15 '(or approximately 14.6 2 tracks on some routes)

Weight: Depends on spacing’s

  • 5 axles – 112,000 depends on spacings and routes
  • 6 axles – 122,000
  • 7 axles – 142,000

The loads that exceed these dimensions, or weights must be applied as a Super Loads


Length: Over 95′ – 1 escort

Overhang: Rear overhang up to 20′ past center of last axle or dolly may require 1 escort.


  • Over 12′ – 1 escort, (over 12′ on some 2-lanes – 2 escorts)
  • over 14′ – 2 escorts
  • over 15′ may also require State Police escort


  • Over 14’6 – 1 escort
  • over 16′ – 2 escorts
  • At 15′ high and over needs route survey.

MISCELLANEOUS: Blades, buckets, counterweights, etc. may be hauled up to 16′ wide, only if cannot be reduced (welded parts). Parts may be hauled on same vehicle.

Flags, Lights & Signs:  Flags are required across the width, the height above and more loads in length, and with 3 'front or 4' rear overhang. "Measure Load" sign, which is required at all loads over 10 'far above the legal length or 14' high. Loads of more than 10 'wide, or more than 4' rear overhang must have 360 degree yellow light on the tractor. Width over 12 ', height over 14'6, length 85', or additionally requires two yellow warning lights 360 degrees, one on the tractor and one on the back of the load.