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Fuel Permits

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Compare Transport LLC provides fast and affordable temporary trip and fuel permits Our fast, easy service helps keep your trucks & drivers.

Fuel Permit Services for Oversize Load

Fuel Permits - IFTA Permit - Temporary IFTA Permits

A fuel permit is a temporary authorization that allows commercial or private carriers to travel through states or provinces where they are not active members of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) program or do not possess a current IFTA sticker. It is essential for carriers to obtain a fuel permit under specific circumstances to comply with regional regulations and taxation requirements. Here is a comprehensive overview of when and why you might need a fuel permit, along with information about Compare Transport LLC’s services in various states and provinces:

When do I need a fuel permit?

You typically require a fuel permit when you are traveling from your home state or province into another jurisdiction and meet any of the following criteria:

Exceeding Weight Limit: If your gross vehicle or vehicle combination exceeds a registered weight of 26,000 pounds.

Multiple Axles: When your vehicle, specifically the power unit, is traveling on three or more axles.

Return Trip without IFTA Sticker: In some cases, even when returning to your base jurisdiction and lacking an IFTA sticker, you may need a fuel permit.

Alaska Oversize Permits

How it's work

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) was established to simplify tax calculations for truckers and streamline tax collections for states and jurisdictions. Fuel tax rates can vary significantly from one state or province to another. With IFTA, when a motor vehicle purchases fuel, any fuel taxes paid are credited to the licensee's account. At the end of each fiscal quarter, the licensee completes a fuel tax report, detailing all miles traveled in all states or jurisdictions and listing all gallons of fuel purchased on the IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Return. The report includes a calculation for Average Miles per Gallon (AMG or MPG), which is applied to the miles traveled to determine the tax liability to each jurisdiction.

Why choose Compare Transport LLC for fuel permits?

Our team at Compare Transport LLC specializes in navigating the complex world of fuel permits, ensuring that your transportation operations remain compliant with all state and provincial regulations. We are committed to providing timely and efficient permit services, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the permit process to our experts.

Fuel permits are crucial for carriers operating in various jurisdictions, especially when specific weight or axle criteria are met. Compare Transport LLC offers comprehensive support in obtaining fuel permits across a wide range of states and provinces, making it the ideal partner for simplifying your permit acquisition process and ensuring compliance with regional fuel tax regulations.

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