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Oklahoma Oversize Permits

Oklahoma Oversize Permits for Truck with Permit Cost

Oklahoma Oversize Phone Number: 630-222-5770

Oklahoma Oversize Overweight Permits

Oklahoma Oversize Overweight Permits Order Oversize and overweight permits for the state of Oklahoma, Compare Transport LLC oversize overload permit services are available that can assist you in navigating the necessary regulations and obtaining the required permits. One such service is the Oklahoma Oversize Permits, which provides online access to permits for oversize and overweight loads. Our user-friendly website offers a convenient platform for permit applications, allowing you to quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary documentation.

We provide online Oklahoma Oversize Permits and also provide comprehensive information regarding load regulations, provisions, and costs associated with oversize and overweight permits in Oklahoma. This enables you to stay informed and compliant with the state’s regulations while planning your trucking operations. We offer single-trip permits and temporary permits to accommodate specific needs or timeframes.

To access these services, you can easily create a permit login on their website, which grants you access to the necessary tools and resources. This streamlined process saves you time and effort, ensuring a smooth experience when acquiring construction and farm equipment permits.

Oklahoma Oversize Overweight Permits

Oklahoma Oversize Permits Oversize (OS)/ Overweight (OW) Permits & Trucking Services

Oklahoma oversize/overweight permits are valid for three days. You must have a permit prior to entering the state.


One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, seven days a week. Overweight-only can have continuous travel, but it must be requested when ordering your permit.


Loads up to 9’6″ wide are permitted without needing a Pike Pass. Loads over 9’6″ wide up to 11’6″ wide (and up to 13’6″ wide on the Cherokee Turnpike only) need a Pike Pass reference number for permitting. The maximum weight for the turnpikes is 108,000 lbs. Weight is paid for on the state permit; the turnpike does not charge extra above the usual per axle charge.


Height:            Depends on routes

Width: 16′

Length:           No set limit


Single Axle  – 20,000 lbs.

Tandem Axle– 40,000 lbs. (with at least 4’3″ axle spacing) or 39,000 lbs. (less than 4’3″ spacing)

Tridem Axle – 60,000 lbs. (57,000 with 4’2″ axle spacings)

Quad Axle – 65,000 lbs.

Steer Axle – 15,000 lbs. (min. spacing should be 15′ steer to first drive axle)

Requests for more than 15,000 lbs. on steer axle have to go to bridge engineering to get approved, which adds an extra day or two of waiting.

Mobile Homes & Boats:

On 2-Lane Highways & Roads:

Length over 80′           1 escort

Width over 14′ but not over 16′         2 escorts (front and rear)

Width over 12′ but not over 14′         1 escort (front)

On Multi-Lane Highways:

Width over 14′ but not over 16′         1 escort (rear)

Obtain Oklahoma Oversize Permits Oversize (OS)/ Overweight (OW) Permits  by calling 630-222-5770.


 Legal Height:  13’6″

Legal Width:   8’6″ (8′ on any highway having a surface width of less than 20 feet)

Legal Length: 

59’6″ semitrailer and load is legal on all Interstate routes and many of the main U.S. Highways

53′ semitrailer and load on other routes

Legal Weight:

Single – 20,000

Tandem – 34,000

Tridem – 42,000

Gross weight is 90,000 lbs. on non-Interstate routes (with legal tandem and tridem weights)

Gross weight is 80,000 lbs. on Interstates


When Escorts are Needed:

On 2-Lane Highways:

Length over 80′           1 escort vehicle in the front

Length over 100′         2 escort vehicles (front and rear)

Heigth 15’9″ or over   2 escort vehicles (front and rear)

Width over 12′            1 escort vehicle

Width over 14′            2 escort vehicles (front and rear)


On Multi-Lane highways:

Height 15’9″ or over   *2 escorts (front and rear)

Width over 12′            1 escort (rear)

Width over 16′            2 escorts (front & rear)

(on all highways and roads)

*Height 17′ or over – must contact all public utilities and railroads along the route in advance of the move.



“Oversize Load” signs are required on the front of the tractor and the rear of the load or trailer (whichever extends the farthest) on all oversized loads moving under permit. They are also required on two-lane highways when the load exceeds 59-1/2 feet in length. Flags are required at the widest point of an oversize load. A rear overhang of 4 feet or more must be flagged.


Oversize load movements are not allowed on the Interstate System through Cleveland, Oklahoma, and Tulsa counties between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (does not apply to O/W only). No oversize/overweight travel is allowed on major holidays

Compare Transport LLC is the single STOP for all Oversize / Overweight permits with one easy-to-use application.

Oklahoma Oversize Permits

Navigating roads with oversize loads can be challenging, but with the right oversize permits, you can confidently transport your cargo. Our comprehensive oversize permit services ensure that your haul is compliant with local regulations, providing you with the legal authorization to transport your oversized cargo safely and efficiently.

Oklahoma Overweight Permits

Transporting heavy loads requires careful planning and adherence to weight restrictions. Our specialized overweight permits give you the authority to move your cargo within legal weight limits. With our expertise, you can minimize delays and avoid costly fines, ensuring a hassle-free journey for your oversized shipments.

Oklahoma Overhang Permits

If your cargo extends beyond the legal limits of your vehicle, acquiring overhang permits is crucial. These permits grant you permission to transport overhanging loads while adhering to safety regulations. Our team of experts will assist you in obtaining the necessary overhang permits, ensuring the secure transport of your specialized loads.

Oklahoma Single Trip Permits

For one-time or infrequent hauling needs, single trip permits are ideal. Whether it's a local or interstate journey, our single trip permits allow you to transport your oversize or overweight cargo without the need for an annual commitment. We handle all the paperwork and ensure that your permit is obtained promptly, so you can focus on delivering your load on time.

Oklahoma Super load Permits

Transporting extremely heavy or large loads requires additional expertise and authorization. Our super load permits cover your unique hauling requirements, authorizing you to move loads that exceed standard legal limits. With our specialized knowledge and efficient permit acquisition process, you can confidently tackle the challenges of transporting super loads.

Oklahoma Annual Permits

For businesses engaged in regular oversize or overweight hauling, annual permits provide convenience and cost-effectiveness. With an annual permit, you gain long-term authorization to transport your loads within legal limits, saving you time and effort. Our permit specialists will guide you through the application process, ensuring that you have the necessary permits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compare transport permit services allows individuals and businesses to find the most cost-effective and efficient option for obtaining the necessary permits, saving time and money in the process.

please reach out to one of our team members at 630-222-5770. Thank you for your order!
It depends on the type of permit and the state you’re traveling through. Fortunately, we can quote you quickly for whatever permits you need. And because we provide quick, easy service for your entire route, our service is always an exceptional value!

Book trucking services with us at 630-222-5770. We’re always here

Operating without the required oversize/overweight permits can result in legal penalties and fines. Additionally, vehicles found to be in violation may be subject to impoundment or delayed until proper permits are obtained. Operating without permits also poses safety risks and can damage infrastructure, leading to potential liability for the vehicle operator or owner.

A: Yes, oversize/overweight permits are typically issued for a specific duration. The duration can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the load. Permits may be issued for a single trip, a specific period (e.g., one day, one week), or for an extended period (e.g., one year) in some cases.

We need oversize/overweight permits for several reasons:

Safety: Oversize and overweight vehicles may pose a risk to road safety due to their increased dimensions and weight. Permits ensure that these vehicles adhere to specific safety regulations, such as using appropriate warning signs and flags, having proper lighting and marking, and following designated travel routes.

Infrastructure preservation: Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure have weight and size limitations to prevent damage. Oversize/overweight permits help regulate and manage the use of these structures to minimize the risk of structural damage.

Efficient transportation: Some loads, such as construction equipment, oversized machinery, or components of large structures, cannot be broken down into smaller parts. Oversize/overweight permits allow the transportation of these items, ensuring efficient movement of goods and materials.

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